About Us

Gathers is the only online community with fervent love for the authentic value of human connections. Our vision is to become the largest sharing economy bounded by love and respect for human nature.

Over the years, we have nurtured a dream to build a truly collaborative and people-focused network.

We recognize how difficult it is to find friends that share our interests within our neighborhoods or while visiting new places. We also realized how difficult it is to host events without funds or with the uncertainty of never knowing who would attend or not. And so, we constantly felt that there should be a lot more flawless organization or a platform that made all of this possible.

Together with the members of the Gathers Team, we developed our own new platform that empowers social gatherings while taking care of the finer details, including stays, rides, and amenities.

Hence, Gathers was founded with the unique vision to get rid of boredom, and isolation by creating joyful experiences through a wide variety of gatherings in the safest way possible.

Gathers is a strong, connected community, unlimited by boundaries, or geographical barriers. We are on a mission to make fun-filled activities accessible to everyone without stress or hassles. We want our customers to spend less time finding people who share their interests or planning games or social nights.

We bring you a wide range of opportunities, including homes for short stays, rides you can share and social activities with people who care about the same things as you do. Hence, we save you time, money and stress while curating hosting opportunities, locally and internationally.

Our goal is to the one-stop haven where hosts and guests can share extraordinary experiences and foster a global community.