Everything You Desire

Everything You Desire

Lounge in spectacular comfort, or join an activity you love – right at your fingertips.
Gathers brings you a new hub of endless possibilities.
A different Kind of Fun & Adventure

A different Kind of Fun & Adventure

Connect to a world of explosive encounters and unforgettable experiences.
Adventure in Style

Adventure in Style

Find anything you need or the best places to eat, ride or travel in luxury.
With Gathers, you can go anywhere without hassle or worries.
Share Enormous Fun

Share Enormous Fun

Hosting entertainments you love can be both spectacular and expensive,
but it doesn’t have to be. With Gathers, you can have social nights
with people that share your passion and have them share the bill with you.

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About Us

Gathers is the only online community with fervent love for the authentic value of human connections. Our vision is to become the largest sharing economy bounded by love and respect for human nature.

Over the years, we have nurtured a dream to build a truly collaborative and people-focused network.

We recognize how difficult it is to find friends that share our interests within our neighborhoods or while visiting new places. We also realized how difficult it is to host events without funds or with the uncertainty of never knowing who would attend or not. And so, we constantly felt that there should be a lot more flawless organization or a platform that made all of this possible. ...

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How Gathers Works?

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Request an item or activity from a wide range of selections. It’s easy to find rides, stays, social events, and much more on Gathers. Check out profiles and reviews and determine what best fits your needs.
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We provide secure and seamless communication channels so you can speak to your host and learn more about the gatherings you crave.
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Pay securely to confirm that you are onboard and receive access to everything you need for your adventure.


Host & Earn In Comfort

How would you like to earn with your home, car, parties, gigs or social activities of any kind? We’ve built a dedicated community that connects you to a world of people ready to go to unique places and enjoy extraordinary activities they can’t find anywhere else. Gathers is geared towards helping you earn an income from anything you have and love seamlessly. It’s a smarter way to rent and earn from the things you own or hosting activities you are passionate about.

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